Week 5 – Goodbye September!

I am always happy to see the end of September. Normally this has been one of the wildest months of the year for me as a past band teacher, however, in my new role, I don’t think it was any less wild.

Last week I presented a report to the board with an update on the music eduction program. This is a program they are very interested in and excited about. I look forward to having opportunity this year at some point for them to see the results of what we are doing.

Last week I also visited and participated in Grade 1, 2, 7, and 8 music classes. Wow, those 1/2’s are busy little ones and I think they are teaching me more than I them. They are very excited to try all of the new hand percussion instruments. It has also been great to see teachers and students trying new things and watching students react to it. The grade 7 & 8 classes are off and running with rhythmic compositions and I look forward to watching them explore that further this week.

Schedule for this week (so far):

Monday – AM DO and St. Johns Music, PM Hepburn
Tuesday – Open
Wednesday – Hepburn
Thursday – Hepburn
Friday – Hepburn

In my journey to learn more about music ideas for primary students, I found the following website. I really look forward to exploring this idea of body percussion with the kids. Check it out…


Have a great first week of October!