Week 9

Today’s blog is brief as this week is shaping up to be very busy, which is great!

The music studio in Hepburn is seeing a lot of students coming through for training on the equipment and exploration of the recording software.  There are a lot of details to go over with the students regarding the sound system settings so they don’t accidentally blow someone’s eardrums when they turn things on.  I look forward to all the students and teachers becoming more familiar with these things so they can operate more independently of me.  I’m sure they are too! 🙂

In general, it is great to see how excited the students are for their music classes, whether they be using the elementary instruments and hand percussion, ukuleles, or the music studio.  I will try to free up my hands to get some video and photos for you as I go through this week.

Here is my scheudule this week so far.  As usual, please fill it up as we move through the week.

Monday – AM – DO, PM – Hepburn for Grade 8 and Grade 3

Tuesday – AM – Hepburn for Grade 9 period 1, open for the rest of the day

Wednesday – AM – Open, PM – Hepburn for Grade 8 and Grade 9

Thursday – AM – Hepburn for Grade 9 period 1, PM Lunch & meeting at Leask

Friday – AM – Open, Noon meeting in Hepburn – PM – DO