Week 10 – SNOW!

What a way to start the week with this greeting from winter!  I hope you all arrived safely to your work destination this morning.

Last week was an exciting week as we see the studio in Hepburn getting used more and more all the time.  In addition I got to spend some time with Kindergarten exploring instruments and sounds, and also with Grade 3’s who were using their voices to make music.

In addition I had a wonderful afternoon out in Leask to meet with staff to begin the process of establishing a drumming group there.  It happened to be that a guest storyteller was at the school at the same time and so I got to observe and hear Joseph’s stories, songs, and dance with the elementary students.  It was fantastic!  Visiting with Joseph and the staff at Leask, I learned many things about Aboriginal music that I look forward to exploring further.  We are very excited about the ideas we have for music in Leask.

It looks like I need to do some work to make videos visible on this site, so stay tuned for some clips from this past week to show up at some point later on.

Schedule for this week:

Monday – Hepburn all day

Tuesday – DO AM, Hepburn PM

Wednesday – Hepburn AM, DO PM

Thursday – Open AM, Hepburn PM

Friday – Hepburn all day

Drive safely this week!