Week 11/12

Hard to believe that we are into the last part of November already.

Apologies for missing a blog entry for last week. It was a busy week in Hepburn, which I greatly enjoyed!

Here’s what’s happening in Hepburn…

1. Primary grades continue to use exploration and discovery learning approaches to create music. Last week Kindergarten had time to explore play stations of hand percussion instruments. The children certainly sounded engaged, as musical learning and creating is not quiet.

2. Grade 1 & 2 used the recording studio last week to record their creation of a rainstorm. They also learned how we can use our voices to mimic shapes and had opportunity to design their own shapes and then sing them.

3. Grade 3 students have been singing call and response songs which incorporate body percussion rhythms and movement.  Here is a link to a document that provides some great vocal activity options for elementary teachers.


4. Grade 6 students are learning more about the Ukulele. Students have learned the general idea of what is involved in tuning the instrument and over time will learn to tune them entirely on their own. Students have also learned the names of the open strings and are working on composing their own songs.

5. Grade 7 has completed recording their found object rhythm compositions in the recording studio and are now learning how to create melody. Students have been tasked with generating a song using the tools they have learned about melody and rhythm so far.

I am working on learning how to change our recording files over to mp3’s so that I can post them here for you to check out.  Stay tuned!

6. Grade 8 continues to work on their soundtracks for their claymations. To support students with tools in this area, students were given some direction regarding what melody is, how it can be created, and what ideas can be considered to make their music match their story. In addition, students are using the recording studio to create sound effects for their stories.

7. Grade 9 has been using the recording studio to record songs they are learning to cover. Students have to determine each layer of a song and replicate it. This is like putting a puzzle together, piece by piece.


Here’s what’s happening in WCMS…

I had opportunity to meet with a couple of teachers to discuss the music education approach we have been experimenting with so far and do some planning.  The music room and theater are now at a stage of construction that we were able to go in and take a look at the space.  It is exciting to see what WCMS will have to work with once the arts department is complete.

Here’s what’s happening in Leask Community School…

1.  Leask will have a Drumming class on the Term 2 timetable in which students will have opportunity to learn how to build hand drums, discover the appropriate protocol for honoring the drums, and how to use them for creating music.  As part of this class, students will also be trained on how to use the recording studio and will use the studio to record the music they create.

Schedule this week:

Monday AM – DO, PM – Hepburn 

Tuesday AM – Hepburn all day

Wednesday AM – DO, PM – Hepburn

Thursday AM – DO, PM – Hepburn

Friday  AM – DO, PM – Dentist!

Have an excellent rest of the week!