Week 13 – Riders Win!!

This week my office work will be focusing on learning a few aspects of the recording software I have yet to learn namely, how to export Reason files to mp3’s, how use a DJ controller, and how to create Dubstep. I have several students who will be in the studio at noon hours this week to work on their projects, and I am looking forward to training a curious grade 12 student in the studio after school one day this week.

I was hoping to upload some audio recordings today that the students have made, however, while I have been able to export to wav files, the wav’s are not attaching properly at this time. So, to be continued….

Schedule so far for this week is as follows:

Monday – Hepburn all day
Tuesday – DO AM, Hepburn PM
Wednesday – DO AM, Hepburn PM
Thursday – DO AM, Hepburn PM
Friday – Hepburn AM, DO PM

Have a great post-Rider Nation week!