Weeks 15 /16 – Making headway!

Often times I think when you are starting something new, it can feel like it is just taking way too long to see the results or final product of what you began in the first place. I have certainly felt this at times over these past months. However, the learning process requires time and it requires patience. It must be nurtured, not rushed. The reward at the end is great, and this week I see just how close we are to seeing some of those finished products. Particularly, the grade 8 students at Hepburn are nearing completion of their claymation movies, which includes soundtracks and sound effects that the students have created themselves in the music recording studio. For some of the groups, there are very few small details remaining, and I just can’t wait to see the final projects. You see, I have only heard the sound track work, I have not seen any of the films. I hope to post mp3’s of some of the soundtracks soon for you to hear. I will be curious to see if you can determine what kind of story is in the film by just listening to the sound track alone. I will post that as soon as we have some completed.


Below are some great videos that you might find useful, interesting, and fun for your students.

Thanks to one of our band teachers for passing this to me.  If you are looking for ways to incorporate music in your math classes, you may find some great ideas here:
IMG_0147   Students at work in the recording studio.
Leask Community School update:
We are very excited to be offering a Drumming class to students next semester.  While the details of what that will look like are still unfolding, we are hoping to eventually have students learn to build traditional hand drums, learn the protocol for honoring the drums, and learn how to use drums of various types to create a variety of styles of music.  We have already had some critical supplies donated for this project, and we are working with community liaisons to get the proper protocols and procedures in place to implement these ideas.
I will be available Monday and Tuesday of next week and then I am off to a conference the rest of the week.  If you need some of my time on Monday and Tuesday, please e-mail me and we will arrange accordingly.
Have a wonderful Christmas break, looking forward to continuing to work with you in the New Year!