Week 19 – Is it January or April??

It is not often we can be so pleased with the weather in January. While I am really happy to have a break from the cold, I fear this warm weather will really wreak havoc with the cross-country ski trails! We just can’t have it all; can we?

If you read last week’s post, you will know that it was a super busy week in the schools, so this week I am going to intentionally try to be in the office a little more to get caught up on some things that have been continually put off so I could actually be in the schools.

A few things to be aware of in Hepburn:

-all small hand percussion pieces are now in a storage trunk in the studio. The trunk is on wheels so it can easily be moved from room to room as needed. Please always repack it carefully and return it to the studio when you are done with it.
-a new studio calendar is up on the calendar door. Please sign up on the calendar in the free periods.
-3 small ottomans have been added to the studio for seating. The tops come off and inside you will find various small items such as drum sticks, headphones, etc. Please keep this room tidy and return things to their proper storage when done!
-I have put a step-by-step instruction list on the table in the studio for powering up/down the recording system. I have also attached my card with contact info so that students & staff call me if any problems with access arise.

Exciting news for Leask:

-I am thrilled to start the week off by informing the staff at Leask that I have been able to ac acquire a workshop grant on their behalf from the Saskatchewan Music Educator’s Association. Although I originally asked for $500, the SMEA felt that was not enough! Therefore, they have granted us their maximum grant of $750 for us to hold a drum building workshop with an Elder in their school. This grant is being received as a direct result of Leask School joining the SMEA this past fall. The school joined as an associate member for $30 which allows them to apply for music education workshop grants such as this. I encourage all schools to join the SMEA and start reaping the benefits that come with it! I am really looking forward to this workshop with the Leask students and staff!

Schedule for this week so far:

Monday: DO AM, Hepburn PM
Tuesday: DO all day
Wednesday: DO AM, Hepburn PM
Thursday: DO all day
Friday: DO AM, Hepburn PM

As always I am flexible if needed.