Week 22 – 4 more days….:)

Hello all,

Here is a cool website to check out particularly if you have students who are interested in discovering the musical connections between science and math.



Here are a great youtube clips that demonstrate beat boxing, how to create beat boxing, and what it means in terms of math and science.

And this one, although 11 minutes long,  is a MUST watch.  Please take time to show this amazing TED talk to your students.

What’s happening this week in PSSD music education?

I will continue to work with Hepburn students and staff in grades 5 & 6 on ukuleles.  If you are looking to do something fun and easy to learn with your students, don’t hesitate to learn ukulele’s with the kids, they love it!

The grade 10 Arts Ed class in Hepburn begins learning ukuleles as well this week.

I am looking forward to meeting with Leask staff to  prepare for music classes in Leask School this week.

The grade 8 class in Hepburn is now done all they claymations and soundtracks.  We are hoping to have an audio/video station set up soon in the foyer at Division Office for people to see what they have done.  Now the grade 8’s are moving onto a new project  in which the students can choose what they do to demonstrate their learning of the musical concepts we teach them along the way.  For example, the students can write a song, invent a musical instrument, create a silent film, teach themselves to play ukulele, etc.  I am really looking forward to seeing all the creative things they come up with.

Schedule this week is tentative at best until some meeting dates/times get finalized, but here is the rough sketch:

Monday: AM DO, PM Hepburn

Tuesday: DO all day

Wednesday: Open

Thursday: AM Hepburn, Noon DO, PM Hepburn

Friday: AM Open, PM DO

As always, if you need anything let me know.