Week 29 – Music and Morse Code?

Thanks to Tim for sharing this short video which you need to show your students.  This clip shows how music has been used to include a message of hope to kidnapped soldiers.  This really speaks to how music can be used to fulfill specific purposes, rather than simply be something we listen to for enjoyment.  Can your students think of other ways in which music fulfills a particular purpose?

This week I met with a staff member from the Saskatchewan Arts Board.  There are significant funds available to schools for innovative arts projects.  Want to bring in an artist or musician to work directly with your students?  Want to bring a composer in to compose a piece of music with your students?  You could be awarded up to $10,000 to do this!  If you are interested, let me know and I will point you to the information and contacts you need.

The upcoming week’s schedule:

Monday: Leask – All day

Tuesday: Open

Wednesday: Division Office – All Day

Thursday: Hepburn  – 10:00 am Gr. 10

11:00 am-2:00 pm Music Meeting

2:00 pm Gr. 8

Friday:  Leask – AM

Open – PM

All “open” spots are available to teachers who need my support.

Have a great weekend!