Week 30 – A break within sight

Just a few days this week until the Easter break, and I’m sure it will be a jam packed one at that!

Last week Kim and I had a very enjoyable day at Hepburn where we got to observe several different music projects that students were working on.  It was great get distracted from our strategic planning several times because we could hear music start up somewhere and we would have to go check out what was going on.   Needless to say we didn’t get much strategic planning done.

This week’s schedule is as follows:

Monday – AM 9-1 D.O., PM 2-3 pm Hepburn Grade 5

Tuesday – All Day Leask

Wednesday – All Day D.O.

Thursday – AM Leask, PM Open

This week I would like to know how this year of support in music has gone for you.  What has been most helpful?  In what ways, if any, do you still need support?  Please send me a quick note as this will greatly help me in planning the remaining months of school in this year.

Have a great four days!