Week 32 – New links

This week I have two new links for you to check out.

The first is a clip is quite remarkable and is based on a photograph of birds sitting on telephone wires that resembled a musical staff.  The person who snapped the photo wondered, if he were to turn each of the birds into a musical note, what would the photo sound like?  Have a listen to the result.  Does it give you any ideas for future assignments/projects for your students?  Can your students “capture” something and then turn it into music?

The second clip is something I recently read about in a book on secondary music education, so I went looking for it online.  This is a car commercial for Honda in which the creators have collected all the sounds that cars make and then transformed them into vocal sounds.  In the end, it is a choir that is creating the soundtrack to this amazing commercial.

Schedule for this week:

Monday – Leask all day

Tuesday – Open

Wednesday – AM Open, PM Meeting in Hepburn

Thursday – AM Hepburn, PM Waldheim meeting

Friday – Open

Please feel free to grab me during any of the “Open” times.  Have a great week!