Week 2 – Settling in

I hope you have all settled back into school this week and are enjoying your students so far!


I was thrilled this week to have the opportunity to meet with a student looking for some support so he can acquire a guitar 20 credit.  To help get him started I will be working with him directly which presents a challenge because I hardly know anything about guitar!  However, I like many of you are presented with teaching or facilitating learning in environments that are not entirely comfortable.   I, like you, need to find the resources that will help teach the things I don’t know.  Sometimes, my resources are you!


One of the resources I recently found is a website that makes professional guitar video lessons available online for a really LOW price.  It covers a myriad of topics and allows the student to choose the topics they want to cover as they go.  It can be found at:



If you are working on implementing technology into your music classes, you may find the following organization worth joining for access to resources.



If you are a science type this clip might interest you.  While this clip is a demonstration of pendulum waves in science, from a music perspective this could also be discussed under the topic of Chance music.


If you are a math type who teaches about the Pythagorean theorem or ratios, here is a great starter clip that explains how math relates to music through frequencies.

Here is the Donald Duck version on Pythagoras and music:



Kendra’s Schedule for this week:

Monday – Music Meeting AM, DO PM

Tuesday –  Blaine Lake AM, DO PM

Wednesday – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday – Open

Friday – Open

If you would like me to drop into your classroom, please just ask.  “Open” times mean I am available to be booked during that time.

Have a great week!