Week 3

Hell everyone,

Things in the music department have been very busy so far.  It has been great to hear from many teachers who are getting things up and going in their music classes.

One thing to share with you this week.  This is an idea passed on to me from a Physics teacher regarding “The Golden Rule.”  In the attached document a Physics lesson includes music as an example of the Golden Rule.  While the lesson goes on to focus on Physics, it does provide an idea and a starting point to perhaps build a music lesson from that connects with Physics.

If you would like to try using this idea and would like some support to put it together, please give me a call.

the golden ratio


Schedule for this week:

Monday:  AM – Waldheim, PM – DO

Tuesday: 8:00 music meeting, 10:00 am Blaine Lake

Wednesday: AM – Colonsay, PM – DO

Thursday: AM – DO, PM – DO

Friday: AM – Waldheim, PM – DO


Looking ahead to next week:

Monday: Board Meeting @ DO all day

Tuesday: Drum Feed @ Leask all day

Wednesday: AM Waldheim, PM DO