Week 5 – Have something to share?

Now that a full month is already behind us into the school year, do you have ideas, projects, methods, templates, tips, or questions that you could contribute to our PSSD growing network of music educators?  Please take a moment and pass on an item (big or small) that other teachers can build upon in their own music classes.

Leask Community School Drumming Group

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Leask Community School for their fall Drum Feed.  This cultural ceremony is held twice a year as the seasons change.  As part of the ceremony this fall, the Leask drumming group was assisting one of the nearby First Nations in bringing their new drum to life.  Personal highlights for me were to see the drumming group get so large, they had to split off into two groups in order to all fit around the drums.  Also great to see were drummers of a variety of ages participating, from those whose feet couldn’t touch the floor from the chair they were sitting on to the Elders from the community.  After only being operational for approximately 6 months, this group has become highly sought out and is often participating in a variety of events in and around their own community.

2014-09-23 10.26.27                    2014-09-23 11.01.41



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Kendra’s Schedule this week:

Monday – AM Warman meeting, PM DO meeting

Tuesday – AM Blaine Lake, Noon Riverbend, PM DO

Wednesday – AM Colonsay, PM Facilitator meeting Warman

Thursday – AM Waldheim, PM DO

Friday – All day DO


Looking ahead to next week:

Monday –

Tuesday – All day PD/School visits

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday – AM music meeting, PM DO