Week 6 – Pre-Turkey

Hello all,

As some of you will have learned, ukulele’s can be taught using different tunings.  For those of you using ADF#B, you can use the materials from Alvin’s PD session as are here:

Uke Kolach

For those of you using the DGBE tunings (same as guitar), I have transposed Alvin’s resource so that you can use the material with these tunings.  You can download it here:



PSSD Library Resources:

As we begin increasing the music education resources available through PSSD, I would like to draw your attention to the existing resources that I have come across.

If you are looking for literature lists for elementary grade levels that connect reading and music, see the attached book bin lists:

Song books gr 1

Literature – music

If you have ideas for music bin themes or items, please message me, the more ideas the better!


Lesson Ideas shared from Teaching Secondary Music – by Jayne Price and Jonathan Savage

Here are a couple of lesson ideas from my reading that may be of use to you:

Mystery Activities to Develop Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and Functional Skills

Meta-learning and ownership in a film music project


Kendra’s Schedule:

This Week:

Monday – AM Waldheim, PM DO

Tuesday – Hepburn, Waldheim, Leask, and Blaine Lake

Wednesday – Colonsay

Thursday – DO

Friday – AM Music meeting, PM DO


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Have a great week!