Week 8 – Music Education and Performance

What Kendra is reading…

This week I am reading about how to develop performance opportunities for students of all ability levels.  Here are a few of the ideas suggested:

1.  Valuing the technology that students bring with them to a lesson was given an interesting twist in one school where, an ‘ijam’ was developed.  Rather than students being asked to put their iPods away, they were asked to get them out of their bags and make music together.  This involved downloading suitable apps, linking iPods to a suitable PA system and developing performance and composition tasks, with different students working with the teacher to develop their parts.

2.  At one school, the teacher took her class out and abut to play the samba music they had been developing as a whole class.  This involved a procession through paths around external buildings and a performance in the staff car park!  It gave students a great practical experience to aim for and really raised the profile of music in the school, with noses of students in other classes pressed to the window pane!  It was above supported by the head teacher and a great way to bring performing for all into everyday classroom work.

3.  One school used e-mail to add a new dimension to students’ understanding of Indian classical music.  Through a partnership with an Indian high school, students developed their understanding by asking questions and learning from the Indian students.  The indian students asked about western scales and key systems, as well as learning about other styles of music from their student e-pal.  The classes shared video clips of each other performing.

Reference:  Teaching Secondary Music, edited by Jayne Price and Jonathan Savage, Sage Publications, London, 2012


Other Good Reads:




Upcoming PSSD PD opportunities in music education:

PD descriptions as follows and can be found now in PD Place through the PSSD Portal page:

In-service ID:227
Title:Teaching Music through Ukulele
Description:Teachers will learn the basics of how to play Ukelele and how to use it in a music classroom. This session will be teaching Ukelele using D, G, B & E tunings. This session will be held at Hepburn School in the library. Please use D261 when booking a sub.
In-service Date / Time:November 5, 2014 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Registration Deadline:Oct 31, 2014 12:00 AM
Target Group:All Teachers
Site / Location:Hepburn School Room: Library
Instructors:Worman, Kendra


In-service ID:228
Title:Introduction to Elementary Music
Description:Teacher will acquire methods and ideas for teaching classroom music for elementary grades using rhythm percussion and boomwhackers (sound tubes).
Please use D261 when booking a sub.
In-service Date / Time:November 26, 2014 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Registration Deadline:Nov 21, 2014 12:00 AM
Target Group:Elementary Teachers
Site / Location:PSC Large Board Room #196 121 Klassen St. E.Warman
Instructors:Worman, Kendra


Music Lessons and Idea Finds:





Music Teacher Networking:

Here is a great link sent to me by one of our Leask School teachers.  This link has ideas for taking art and music outside!  Thanks Dave!


Would you take a moment to contribute to our music teacher network?  Would you post an idea below in the comment box that you are implementing right now with your students?  What is working?  What isn’t?  Let’s see if others have solutions or ideas that can be of help.   If everyone contributes, we can all learn from one another and save each other time in the long run.


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