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What is Kendra Reading?

A ‘musical’ curriculum engages all students in ‘doing music: making it, creating it, responding to it’ (Mills 2005, as cited in Price & Savage, 2012).

1.  As part of the unit of work on ‘War and Peace’, students take on the role of three different ‘musicians’ at the time their piece was composed.  Students could take on different roles within the music industry: as artists who are striving to get their ‘message’ out to a public; as journalists and publicists trying to find the right engagement for their artist; or as a concert hall manager looking to ensure their venue turns a profit.  There are more than enough possible roles for each student to take on an individual role as part of a whole-class improvisational activity which examines the context of a particular musical stimulus.  Key Concepts to focus on might include creativity, cultural understanding and critical understanding.  They perform their role as if they were there at the time.  They consider the question:  How does your role change your perspective on the piece?

2.  Another example is use the work of a producer such as Sir George Martin, to consider his impact on the sound of the Beatles.  Practical activities might involve reworking some Beatles music from a different perspective, for example a music venue wanting to publicize a concert, a journalist looking to portray the Beatles’ working-class background or a producer looking to reintroduce their music to a new generation.

3.  Pupils begin work as a composer writing on the theme of ‘War and Peace’.  They are given a choice to compose for a film score, a documentary or a song for a demo CD. When they have finished a draft, the pupils are asked to change character and write an evaluation of the piece from three different perspectives.  They then refine and develop their compositions further based on their evaluations.

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Reference: Teaching Secondary Music, edited by Jayne Price and Jonathan Savage, Sage Publications, London, 2012


This week’s finds and shares…

Need a quick lesson on tuning ukuleles?  Here is a video you can use yourself or show your students.


Looking to better understand theoretical concepts?  You may find the attached document helpful which covers a wide range of topics and levels of study:

“Theory for Musicians and Normal People”  http://academic.udayton.edu/tobyrush/theorypages/pdf/complete.pdf


Upcoming PD Opportunities:

PD descriptions as follows and can be found now in PD Place through the PSSD Portal page:

In-service ID:227
Title:Teaching Music through Ukulele
Description:Teachers will learn the basics of how to play Ukelele and how to use it in a music classroom. This session will be teaching Ukelele using D, G, B & E tunings. This session will be held at Hepburn School in the library. Please use D261 when booking a sub.
In-service Date / Time:November 5, 2014 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Registration Deadline:Oct 31, 2014 12:00 AM
Target Group:All Teachers
Site / Location:Hepburn School Room: Library
Instructors:Worman, Kendra

In-service ID:228
Title:Introduction to Elementary Music
Description:Teacher will acquire methods and ideas for teaching classroom music for elementary grades using rhythm percussion and boomwhackers (sound tubes).
Please use D261 when booking a sub.
In-service Date / Time:November 26, 2014 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Registration Deadline:Nov 21, 2014 12:00 AM
Target Group:Elementary Teachers
Site / Location:PSC Large Board Room #196 121 Klassen St. E.Warman
Instructors:Worman, Kendra


Saskatchewan Music Conference – November 14th-15th Saskatoon



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