Week 18 – Stay Healthy!

Hello all,

I hope you are managing these days to stay healthier than I.  I have been battling a cold virus for more than a week now so I have been in and out of work the last few days trying to kick it.  I think the worst is over now, but I am afraid to speak too soon!

Just a few tidbits for you this week…


Homemade instruments are a great way to get kids to be creative in making music, but can also be a great way to tie into math and science concepts.  You can find ideas for this here:  http:/www.philtulga.com/HomemadeMusic.html

Here is a video of homemade trumpets by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for inspiration…

Here is a resource that has been passed on to me which hits a number of music topics and concepts for instruction.



Kendra’s Road Trip Schedule:

Monday – Sick

Tuesday – Still sick, but back in the office for the day

Wednesday – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday – DO 9-10 AM, BL 11-3 PM

Friday – SCP AM, BL PM


Next week:

Monday, Jan. 19th – DO all day

Tuesday, Jan. 20th – Waldheim AM, BL PM

Wednesday, Jan. 21st – Colonsay AM, Music PD PM

Thursday, Jan. 22nd – BL all day

Friday, Jan. 23rd -DO all day