Week 19 – Student music conference update

Today’s blog will be brief simply because the list today is a mile longer than usual!


PSSD Music Conference – March 19th & 20th, 2015

What: A music conference for exploring and learning music through performance, technology, composition, and improvisation.

Who: The conference will be open to PSSD students in grades 7-12

When: March 19th & 20th – Students are welcome to attend either on one of the two days or on both days

Where: Cedar Lodge on Blackstrap Lake, a few minutes south of Saskatoon

More details: TBA

Confirmed Guest Musicians:  

Chris Crockarell and Chris Brooks from RowLoff Productions in Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Peter Meecham, Composer from the United Kingdom


It pays to be a member of the Saskatchewan Music Educators’ Association….

The SMEA generously approved us for a total of $2750 towards the upcoming music conference.  We are VERY grateful for this contribution which will help us bring in great musicians for our students to work with at the conference.

The potential to receive funding from the SMEA is just one good reason to spend the $30-$50 to become a member!


Kendra’s Road Trip Schedule…

Monday – DO all day

Tuesday – Waldheim PD AM, BL classes PM

Wednesday – Colonsay AM, Cedar Lodge Music team meeting PM

Thursday – BL all day

Friday – DO all day

Looking ahead…

Monday, Jan. 26th – DO AM, BL PM

Tuesday, Jan. 27th –  DO AM, Rosthern PM

Wednesday, Jan. 28th – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday, Jan. 29th – BL AM, Rosthern PM

Friday, Jan. 30th – DO all day

Looking further ahead…

Monday, Feb. 2nd –

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd –

Wednesday, Feb. 4th –

Thursday, Feb. 5th – BL all day

Friday, Feb. 6th – WCMS AM, DO PM