Week 22 – Resonate 2015 – 5 days to register!

PSSD Music Conference – March 19th & 20th, 2015

What: A music conference for exploring and learning music through performance, technology, composition, and improvisation.

Who: The conference will be open to PSSD students in grades 7-12

When: March 19th & 20th – Students are welcome to attend either on one of the two days or on both days

Why: To engage students in music!

Where: Cedar Lodge on Blackstrap Lake, a few minutes south of Saskatoon

Registration Deadline: February 13th, 2015


Registration & Information:

Conference Brochure Brochure

Parental Consent Form Photography  Conference Parental Consent Form Photography

Student Registration Form  Registration Form

Staff Registration Form  Staff Registration Form

Conference Staff Consent Form Photography Conference Staff Consent Form Photography

Updated Schedule (Tentative) Schedule


Confirmed Guests & Musicians:

Chris Crockarell and Chris Brooks from RowLoff Productions in Nashville, Tennessee



Dr. Peter Meechan, Composer from the United Kingdom


Randy Woods & Adam Streisel from Absofunkinlutely, Saskatoon, SK


Absofunkinlutely, performing group, Saskatoon, SK


Kevin Junk of Musicraft, Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Junk started his music career playing oboe with the Saskatoon Symphony in 1979. He received his Bachelor of Music in Performance on oboe in 1983 from the University of Saskatchewan. On graduation, Kevin moved to Wisconsin and worked as an apprentice in the world’s largest band instrument rebuilding plant at Allied Music Corporation.
In February 1986, Kevin opened Musicraft Instrument Repair and has since repaired, at Musicraft, well over 44,500 instruments. Starting about 15 years ago Kevin has donated numerous instruments, music and accessories to several locations in South and Central America as well as Kenya. Off and on Kevin plays saxophone in a big band, renovates his 100 year old home and recently started a second business renting school band instrument under the name Saskatoon Music Rental.

St. John’s Music, Saskatoon, SK


U of S Howlin’ Huskies, Saskatoon, SK

The Howlers perform for U of S sports in the big atmosphere of College Football, hockey, and Basketball.  This group performs renditions of 80’s rock tunes, and overall fun and humorous renditions of tunes to help the crowd enjoy the game.


DJ Tanner of C95 from Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, SK


Shane Philip, performer, Courtney, BC


Ian Martens, Guitarist, Saskatoon, SK



Stay tuned as the musician list grows…


Our many thanks go to our outside funding sources….

Saskatchewan Music Educators’ Association

The SMEA generously approved us for a total of $2750 towards the upcoming music conference. We are VERY grateful for this contribution which will help us bring in great musicians for our students to work with at the conference.

The potential to receive funding from the SMEA is just one good reason to spend the $30-$50 to become a member!

St. John’s Music

St. John’s Music will be the Jam Session sponsor. They will be supplying the sound system and equipment needed for jamming as an in-kind donation for the event!

Saskatchewan Band Association

The SBA has approved us for $700 towards the upcoming conference. This grant will be used to help with the conference operating expenses.


Cameco has joined our sponsorship partners with a generous gift of $2000 towards the conference expenses.

Superior Cabinets

Superior Cabinets joins our sponsorship partners with a generous contribution of $400 towards Resonate 2015.

In total, the Resonate planning team has now raised $10,850 in revenue from outside sources towards this year’s event.  We are now over 50% outside funded towards the anticipated expenses. We are extremely thankful to these sponsors for seeing the value for our students in this event and wanting to be a part of making it happen through their generous contributions!  Thank you!


Kendra’s Road Trip for February 9th-13th…

Monday – DO all day

Tuesday – Blaine Lake AM, DO PM

Wednesday – Colonsay AM, Cedar Lodge PM, Resonate meeting 4:30 pm

Thursday – Blaine Lake AM, DO PM

Friday – Music meeting DO AM, DO PM


After the break…

Monday, Feb. 23rd – DO AM, Rosthern PM

Tuesday, Feb. 24th –

Wednesday, Feb. 25th – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday, Feb. 26th –

Friday, Feb. 27th –