Week 23 – Resonate 2015 is full!

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable break.

The main news for this week is that Resonate 2015 is full and registration is now closed!  The planning team is thrilled with the positive response to this event with more interest from students than was originally expected.  We are happy to have been able to reach capacity for both days of the event!

Over the next few weeks the team will be working hard to get all the remaining details in place.

Please read below to see the latest update on who our guests are that will be working with our students for a couple of days.

Lastly, today we received confirmation that Sasktel will be supporting Resonate 2015 with $500 in sponsorship and a door prize!  Thank you Sasktel!!!

PSSD Music Conference – March 19th & 20th, 2015

What: A music conference for exploring and learning music through performance, technology, composition, and improvisation.

Who: The conference will be open to PSSD students in grades 7-12

Why: To engage students in music!

Where: Cedar Lodge on Blackstrap Lake, a few minutes south of Saskatoon


Confirmed Guests & Musicians:

Chris Crockarell and Chris Brooks from RowLoff Productions in Nashville, Tennessee


Dr. Peter Meechan, Composer from the United Kingdom

Randy Woods & Adam Streisel from Absofunkinlutely, Saskatoon, SK


Absofunkinlutely, performing group, Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Junk of Musicraft, Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Junk started his music career playing oboe with the Saskatoon Symphony in 1979. He received his Bachelor of Music in Performance on oboe in 1983 from the University of Saskatchewan. On graduation, Kevin moved to Wisconsin and worked as an apprentice in the world’s largest band instrument rebuilding plant at Allied Music Corporation.
In February 1986, Kevin opened Musicraft Instrument Repair and has since repaired, at Musicraft, well over 44,500 instruments. Starting about 15 years ago Kevin has donated numerous instruments, music and accessories to several locations in South and Central America as well as Kenya. Off and on Kevin plays saxophone in a big band, renovates his 100 year old home and recently started a second business renting school band instrument under the name Saskatoon Music Rental.

St. John’s Music, Saskatoon, SK


U of S Howlin’ Huskies, Saskatoon, SK

The Howlers perform for U of S sports in the big atmosphere of College Football, hockey, and Basketball. This group performs renditions of 80’s rock tunes, and overall fun and humorous renditions of tunes to help the crowd enjoy the game.


DJ Tanner of C95 from Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, SK

In 2007, DJ Tanner began shoveling the sidewalk and delivering lunches to the radio station in Saskatoon.  Now, he is the Music Director and the host of the midday show on Saskatoon’s #1 Hit Music Station, C95.  In his time in radio he has had the opportunity to be a Juno Awards Judge, he has repelled down a building, watched the Superbowl with Down With Webster, and in between it all, has completed over 200 interviews from Bill Cosby to Ed Sheeran.  DJ has worked in almost every department at the radio stations and has a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to be a successful broadcaster.


Shane Philip, performer, Courtney, BC



Kendra’s Road Trip Schedule…

Monday – DO AM, Rosthern Elementary PM

Tuesday – DO all day

Wednesday – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday – DO all day

Friday – DO all day


Next week…

Monday, March 2 – DO AM, Rosthern Elementary PM

Tuesday, March 3 –

Wednesday, March 4 – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday, March 5 – Blaine Lake all day

Friday, March 6 – Blaine Lake all day