Week 24 – Delayed Post!

My apologies for the delayed blog this week!  Things are pretty wild right now as we get really close to Resonate 2015!  There are many final details to take care, but despite that we are all getting really excited for this musical experience!

With much appreciation we thank the following sponsors supporting Resonate 2015:

Prairie Spirit School Division

Saskatchewan Music Educators’ Association

Saskatchewan Band Association


Superior Cabinets


St. John’s Music

We still have a couple of fundraising efforts running.  In particular here is the link to our Kickstarter campaign.  We have 11 days remaining to raise all of our set amount in order to get any of the funds pledged, so please pass this link on to anyone who may be interested in making a pledge.  Many thanks to those who have already pledged!


Here is the latest info on Resonate 2015:

PSSD Music Conference – March 19th & 20th, 2015

What: A music conference for exploring and learning music through performance, technology, composition, and improvisation.

Who: The conference will be open to PSSD students in grades 7-12

Why: To engage students in music!

Where: Cedar Lodge on Blackstrap Lake, a few minutes south of Saskatoon

Confirmed Guests & Musicians:

Chris Crockarell 

Chris has been active in the percussion community for over 35 years in the marching, concert and drum-set idioms. After attending North Texas State University in the early 80’s, Chris went on the road with the Ice Capades for 2 years and then toured with Louise Mandrell for 3 years. After which he settled down in Nashville and co-founded Row-Loff Productions in 1990.

Row-Loff has been a leader in providing State-of-the-Art marching & concert percussion literature for over 25 years and continues to surpass all entertaining and motivational goals set before it. He is co-writer of  “The Snare Drummer’s Toolbox”, a beginning snare drum method.

Chris currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and two daughters.

Chris Brooks

Chris started playing drums professionally at age 16.He has run the gamut playing shows, clubs, Presidential inaugural balls with a big band and recording everything from kids records to film scores. He has recorded jingles for Dodge, Toyota, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Budweiser, Coors, Clorox and much of the theme music for CNN. In 1990, with the urging of his good friend Chris Crockarell, Row-Loff Productions was born. “We both had the desire to write and publish percussion literature that didn’t exist when we were kids” states Brooks. “Now I spend most of my time writing percussion ensemble literature and serving as VP for Row-Loff.”

Chris Brooks is co-writer of  “The Snare Drummer’s Toolbox”, a beginning snare drum method.


Dr. Peter Meechan, Composer from the United Kingdom

Randy Woods & Adam Streisel from Absofunkinlutely, Saskatoon, SK


Absofunkinlutely, performing group, Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Junk of Musicraft, Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Junk started his music career playing oboe with the Saskatoon Symphony in 1979. He received his Bachelor of Music in Performance on oboe in 1983 from the University of Saskatchewan. On graduation, Kevin moved to Wisconsin and worked as an apprentice in the world’s largest band instrument rebuilding plant at Allied Music Corporation.
In February 1986, Kevin opened Musicraft Instrument Repair and has since repaired, at Musicraft, well over 44,500 instruments. Starting about 15 years ago Kevin has donated numerous instruments, music and accessories to several locations in South and Central America as well as Kenya. Off and on Kevin plays saxophone in a big band, renovates his 100 year old home and recently started a second business renting school band instrument under the name Saskatoon Music Rental.

St. John’s Music, Saskatoon, SK


U of S Howlin’ Huskies, Saskatoon, SK

The Howlers perform for U of S sports in the big atmosphere of College Football, hockey, and Basketball. This group performs renditions of 80’s rock tunes, and overall fun and humorous renditions of tunes to help the crowd enjoy the game.


DJ Tanner of C95 from Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, SK

In 2007, DJ Tanner began shoveling the sidewalk and delivering lunches to the radio station in Saskatoon. Now, he is the Music Director and the host of the midday show on Saskatoon’s #1 Hit Music Station, C95. In his time in radio he has had the opportunity to be a Juno Awards Judge, he has repelled down a building, watched the Superbowl with Down With Webster, and in between it all, has completed over 200 interviews from Bill Cosby to Ed Sheeran. DJ has worked in almost every department at the radio stations and has a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to be a successful broadcaster.


Shane Philip, performer, Courtney, BC

Earthy, energetic and aesthetically powerful, Shane Philip is an accomplished “west coast island rhythms” multi-instrumentalist and videographer. Crossing cultural boundaries and mixing traditional with modern, Philip highlights the stunning beauty of nature and the world around him through a truly unique blend of sounds, lyrics, and visual effects. Visceral and at the same time tranquil, Philip relies on an assortment of Weissenborn lap guitars, djembes, didgeridoos, harmonicas, kick drums and percussive instruments to layer his thick groove. What eventuates is a crossover between reggae, folk, and even electronica, merging into a global fusion of surprising authenticity.”When people are moving I watch them and they influence me to create certain sounds. It’s like a dance we’re doing,” he said of his music. “There’s a bonding, a sharing of energy back and forth that words can’t explain.”To add to his repertoire, Philip’s new creative direction comes through the eye of his lenses and laptop. Multi-dimensional and visually uplifting, his videography truly brings his subjects to life in colour, scope and purpose.

Visit his website www.shanephilip.com and his music channel www.youtube.shanephilipmusic


Info Red (aka Brad Bellegarde), Hip Hop performer and Aboriginal Storyteller, Regina, SK

Brad Bellegarde aka InfoRed has rocked the microphone across Turtle Island and has been a featured artist at events such as Aboriginal Music Week in Manitoba, APTN’s Aboriginal Day Live and Vancouver’s Olympic Games celebrations. Brad is a proud Nakota/Cree member of the Little Black Bear First Nation who calls Regina, SK home. A true believer that education is the new Buffalo, his work in schools gave him a unique opportunity to present his methods of education at the VIII International Conference of Intercultural Education in Indigenous Contexts in Temuco, Chile. In 2012, InfoRed performed for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during their Royal visit. To hear some of his music feel free to go to www.soundcloud.com/infored or www.soundcloud.com/thelocalonlyz for a free album download of ‘Kings Among Klowns’, which was rated one of Canada’s top ten most influential Indigenous albums of 2011 by RPM.fm.

Ian Martens

Ian Martens grew up in Saskatoon playing heavy rock and blues anywhere and everywhere possible. Recently Ian has immersed himself into the acoustic side of things with the release of his acoustic album “Have You Heard”, an album of folk-rock originals that would work well on a playlist with City and Color and Jon Foreman.

Ian is also well known as an experienced guitar teacher, who normally teaches upwards of 60 students each week. Educated in music at the University of Saskatchewn Ian can teach wide a variety of guitar and bass styles. Check out Ian’s website at ianmartensguitarstudios.com or on Facebook at Ian Martens Guitar Studios.


Check out this great read on the connection between music and reading ability (Thanks Karen C. for passing it on!)

Also check out this link about drummers and their brains (Thanks Lori J for passing it on!)


Lastly, I have a had a couple of contacts come my way for experts in the areas of PowWow Drumming & Singing, and Hoop Dancing.  If you have schools looking for contacts for these Arts Ed areas, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch.


Kendra’s Road Trip Schedule…

Next week…

Monday, March 9 – Board Meeting, DO all day

Tuesday, March10 -DO AM, Blaine Lake 2:00-3:00 pm

Wednesday, March 11 – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday, March 12 – Blaine Lake AM, DO PM

Friday, March 13 – DO all day