Week 26 – It’s Resonate week!

I can hardly believe it, we are a day away from Resonate!  A small idea that has taken nearly four years to materialize will finally be realized in less than 48 hours.  Today will be filled with last minute preparations and finishing touches.  Tomorrow morning we begin picking up equipment and moving into Cedar Lodge.   I look forward to sharing some of the experience and things we learned from the experience in next week’s blog!


LIVE Arts in March and April 2015

LIVE Arts supports the Saskatchewan Arts Education curriculum with programs on visual arts, drama, music and dance. Broadcasts are delivered by professional artists who engage students in grades 1 to 9 from across the province with an interactive and instructive learning experience. Click here to register and find the full schedule by grade here. Also check for announcements at https://www.edonline.sk.ca.
Upcoming broadcasts include:

§ LIVE Arts avec Jean-Sébastien Gauthier: La sculpture vivante et le dessin, March 10-11, 2015.
§ LIVE Arts with Terrance Littletent: Aboriginal Dance, April 15-16, 2015.
Contact: Elgin Bunston, 306-787-0842, elgin.bunston@gov.sk.ca

Kendra’s Road Trip Schedule:

This week:

Monday – DO all day

Tuesday – DO all day

Wednesday – Resonate Set up

Thursday – Resonate

Friday – Resonate


Next week:

Monday, March 23rd – Music meeting AM, DO PM

Tuesday, March 24th –

Wednesday, March 25th – Colonsay AM, DO PM

Thursday, March 26th – Blaine Lake AM,

Friday, March 27th –