Week 31 – “…celebrate symphony, harmony, rhythm…”

Some advice as accredited to come from Pythagoras…

Build a temple to the Muses to celebrate symphony, harmony, rhythm, and all things conducive to concord, he proposed.  Symphony, harmony, and concord were going to be central to Pythagorean doctrine, and also to the neo-Pythagoreanism of Iamblichus’ era.  Consider yourselves the equals of those you govern, not their superiors, Pythagoras advised the rulers.  Establish justice, with members of the government taking no offense when someone contradicts them.

If you seek glory, strive to become what you wish to seem to be.

(Ferguson, 2008, p. 40)

Ferguson, K. (2008). The music of Pythagoras. New York, New York: Walker Publishing Company, Inc.


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Notable Dates:

Thursday, April 30th – International Jazz Day  http://jazzday.com/about/

Monday, May 4th – Music Monday  http://www.musicmonday.ca


Kendra’s Road Trip Schedule:

This Week:

Monday –  DO all day

Tuesday – Blaine Lake all day

Wednesday – TBA

Thursday – Blaine Lake AM, DO PM

Friday – DO


Next week:

Monday, May 4th – Leask AM, PM DO

Tuesday, May 5th – Leask all day

Wednesday, May 6th – Colonsay AM, PM DO

Thursday, May 7th – Leask all day

Friday, May 8th – Regina all day