Week 35 – Name This Baseball Tune…

Name This Baseball Tune…

The rhythm of baseball is perhaps most prevalent on the pitcher’s mound.  Williams, Gluck, and Thompson (2011) suggest the duel that takes place between a pitcher and a batter is a rhythmic tango.

The rhythm of a pitcher’s fastball, slider, curve, change up, sinker, and cutter all have a distinct tempo and structure that can be musically understood and notated.  If you know the tempo of a pitcher’s slider and understand it musically, the probability of being in sync with that pitch as you start your swing will be all that much higher.  (Williams, et al., 2011, p. 14).

Music and baseball have a unique relationship (Williams, et al., 2011).  “More than 2500 songs have been written about baseball – more than any other sport” (Williams, et al., 2011, p. 15).  In addition, no other sport has seen a larger “cross-pollination” of musician-ballplayers (Williams, et al., 2011).  Babe Ruth was a pianist, Eddie Basinski played baseball with the Dodgers and violin with the Buffalo Philharmonic in the same season, Denny McClain is a jazz organist; just to name a few (Williams, et al., 2011).  Then there is the reverse, musicians who were also ball players, such as John Philip Sousa for whom the Sousaphone was named and who wrote the most famous marches we still recognize today such as Stars and Stripes Forever, or Garth Brooks (Williams, et al., 2011).

And now…a little quiz…

Can you name and sing the baseball song that is played on either radio or television somewhere in the world 365 days a year, even on Christmas and New Year’s day?  I bet you can already hear it in your head!


Resources worth checking out…


Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison

Bang a Gong: Lets Create a Song by Kevin S. Camilleri


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