STEAMfest 2015

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In news…

Going to STEAMfest this week at Prairieland Exhibition Park?  Be sure to stop in at the Musical Instrument Building station.  I will be there assisting in this session where students and teachers will be able to build and design their own musical instruments by using spare parts of real instruments and various building materials (duct tape, hoses, tubing, etc.).  Imagine a musical instrument lego land, and you’ll have the idea of this hands-on station.  In addition we look forward to having a Colonsay student display his wooden bugle horn at this session which was a joint band and PAA project from last school year!  Be sure to check out this impressive project and see the learning process involved.

Wooden trumpet

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors for this session:

St. John’s Music (Saskatoon)

Saskatchewan Music Educators’ Association