Music Monday – Resonate Roadshow and Live Concert

Thank you to the staff and students who joined us at Martensville High to celebrate Music Monday on May 2nd!  Throughout the morning & afternoon, participating classes got a taste test of various music stations including:  Drumming & Percussion, Intro to Guitar, Wind Instrument Demos, Instrument Building, and Jamming.

Thanks to Venture Heights, Martensville High, Hepburn, and WWBrown schools for sending students to take part in this day.  We had a blast!

Music Monday was capped off with a Resonate Live concert featuring the newly formed Prairie Spirit House Band which debuted the new Resonate theme song.  Also performing were the Prairie Spirit East & West band students, Alternate Route (a student group from WWBrown school), and special guests, The Bridge City Brass Band from Saskatoon.

In keeping with the Resonate theme, this concert was an excellent showing of a variety of musical styles, with performances representing students, staff, and community.  Thank you to all those who performed during the evening!  We look forward to the next one!

If you are interested in having the Resonate Roadshow come to your school, please contact Ms. Worman for more details.