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Established in 2015, Resonate is a Prairie Spirit School Division music education initiative that partners and works alongside professional musicians from across North America and beyond to facilitate interactive and hands-on learning experiences in a variety of musical genres for students.  Resonate was founded on the principles of:

  • Acceptance
  • Accessibility
  • Engagement
  • Environment
  • Community

Through Resonate initiatives students have opportunity to experience and learn about composing, guitar, Wind Band, drumming, digital recording, Jazz, instrument inventions, music industry, jamming, percussion, hip hop, vocals, and media, regardless of their prior background in music.

Resonate provides a direct opportunity to increase student engagement and develop communities of young musicians. Through this experience, Resonate aims to support students’ learning journey’s such that positive relationships, good citizenship, and a pay it forward attitude emerges back in their home communities.

Under the Resonate brand, Prairie Spirit School Division has developed the Resonate Student Music Conference, Resonate Professional Development for Teachers, Resonate Roadshow, Resonate Live Music Monday concert, Resonate Gala, Resonate Junior (K-6) Music Conference and the Resonate Showcase.  Resonate has been recognized by the Canadian Coalition For Music Education and is the 2018 recipient of the Premier’s Award For Excellence and Innovation in Education.

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